A fully equipped tool room provides an efficient production facility for CNC Wire Erosion, CNC Spark Erosion and CNC Milling.

Facilities are supported by:   
  • Charmilles Roboform 200 CNC Spark Eroder
  • Sodick A320 AWT Wire Eroder 
  • Bridgeport Interact with Heidenhain TNC 155 CNC Milling Machine with 155 Control 
  • Bridgeport Series One x 3 Milling Machine 
  • Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe
  • Colchester Student 1800 Lathe
  • Jones and Shipman 540 L Surface Grinders
  • Jones and Shipman 540 Surface Grinders 
  • Utting UB254 Horizontal Saw 
  • Alexander Pantagraph Copying Machine 
  • Electric Forklift up to 500kg

Programs supported include:

  • Ignes
  • Auto Cad
  • Pro'E
  • Rhino
  • Step
  • VDA
  • SolidWorks

Current workload includes providing support and repairs to existing tools for clients, modifications and corrections to clients own tools and modifications and corrections to clients who have had machine tools manufactured overseas. Replacement cores, sprues and injectors have also formed a considerable portion of the current workload along with tools that have chipped or damaged impressions. 

An emergency tool repair facility is also offered to clients.